Everything I Wish Someone Had Told Me about Using Twitter for News


Principles on How and Who to Follow

A snapshot of my feed (4/8/17)

How to Find People to Follow

  1. When I read an article I really like on the internet, I click through to the author profile, and if they have a good twitter presence I follow them.
  2. When I see a really great tweet or article retweeted into my timeline, I’ll check out the account and if they’re consistently good, I’ll follow them, especially if they don’t have a huge follower list (because they’re less likely to get retweeted into my feed that way).
  3. If I see someone retweeted into my timeline a lot, I might try following them—although sometimes I find their best stuff finds its way into my timeline, and the boring stuff doesn’t, so I don’t need to follow.
  4. If someone I really like seems to disagree with but consistently and civilly engage with someone, I might give them a follow to broaden the types of views in my feed, which usually broadens the types of news I get as well.
  5. If someone I do follow tends to be more annoying or boring than they are helpful, I am pretty aggressive at unfollowing them.

RTFA (Read the Fucking Article)

Who to Follow




I write about language, philosophy, literature, technology, and space.

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Adrian M Ryan

Adrian M Ryan

I write about language, philosophy, literature, technology, and space.

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